Approved Recruitment Agency for Japan

Iqbal Manpower Consultants is now approved recruitment agency for Japan, opening doors to new opportunities for skilled, semi-skilled, and non-skilled workers. With our acquired license and approval from relevant Japanese authorities, we are now authorized to facilitate your recruitment needs. An ISO Certified Company with over 46 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a reliable recruitment agency of Asia, adhering to all recruitment international standards. Our expertise extends to various industries, ensuring we find the best candidates, whether you require blue-collar workers or IT staffing solutions.

We deliver the Talent you need, Quickly.

Finding the right resources for your company can be challenging, especially when hiring for blue-collar jobs from another country. But with Iqbal Manpower Consultants, a reliable recruitment agency of Asia with its presence in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Philippines, you can rest assured. Our vast digital HR database enables us to provide the right human resources quickly. We’re not just another recruitment agency; we’re approved by all relevant governing bodies and ISO-certified, ensuring legal compliance every step of the way.

For over four decades, we’ve been the trusted recruitment agency from Asia for prestigious Japanies companies, serving as their go-to partner.

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