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Recruitment involves enticing, evaluating, and appointing competent individuals to an organization or company position. Successful recruitment plays a vital role in achieving exceptional organizational performance. Iqbal Manpower, the top recruitment agency in Pakistan is available to assist you in navigating the intricate process of securing the most qualified candidate for your job opening.

Recently, Middle-East companies have been actively hiring individuals from Pakistan to lower their workforce expenditures. Not just labourers but skilled engineers also find opportunities in foreign companies.

Iqbal Manpower, one of the top recruitment agencies in Islamabad, is proud to have established beneficial partnerships with leading manpower consultants and suppliers in Pakistan. This allows us, as a recruitment agency, to deliver even greater value to our clients.

As promoters of overseas employment, we strive to help Pakistani candidates realize their full potential. Our connections with top overseas employers enable us to bring the best foreign job opportunities to Pakistanis, helping them achieve their career aspirations and secure their dream job.

Choose Iqbal Manpower as your Recruitment Agency in Pakistan

Our overseas company presence, a team of experienced recruiters, and friendly staff enable us to deliver exceptional service. Iqbal Manpower can alleviate the burden of screening candidates, allowing you to concentrate solely on the most qualified individuals. If you frequently hire, you are usually occupied with posting job openings, conducting interviews, verifying information, and filling positions. In such cases, Iqbal Manpower can provide speedy hiring solutions thanks to our extensive pool of talented candidates.

Access to the best candidates

We utilize our resources, leverage traditional and innovative recruitment mediums, and rely on our extensive industry expertise to identify the best candidates.

Save time & money

By comprehending your company’s objectives and aspirations, our recruiters can efficiently and cost-effectively hire the appropriate individuals for your organization in Saudi, Dubai or Qatar.

Industry expertise

Iqbal Manpower provides specialized recruiters who are well-versed in specific industries. We cater to various industries as a premier recruitment and executive search agency.

Enable business growth

Collaborating with Iqbal Manpower entails discovering the finest talent and receiving assistance to optimize your organization’s potential. Our services are not limited to providing personnel; we deliver exceptional talent and support that can help businesses thrive.

Focus on serving the client

Our primary focus is to offer you the most qualified candidates for your vacant positions. We prioritize individuals who exhibit genuine interest in your job.


Our efficiency is comparable to that of an in-house team. Our professionals possess extensive knowledge and collaborate closely with your team to guarantee exceptional candidates and a consistent recruit-to-hire process.


We offer the flexibility of an outsourced solution, and one of the key benefits of working with Iqbal Manpower is cost-effectiveness. Our hassle-free solutions can assist you in reducing costs and time-to-hire.

Top-rated among Certified Recruitment Agencies in Islamabad

We provide comprehensive services that encompass job board postings, resume filtering, and tailored recruitment campaigns. Furthermore, we assist in identifying the most suitable candidates for your job vacancies. Our team of recruiters has the expertise and acumen to rapidly and effectively locate qualified candidates. With our services, you will likely attract the best talent for your open positions.