Navigating the intricate process of hiring individuals from Asia, particularly Pakistan, for your company can be challenging. Iqbal Manpower, the leading recruitment agency in Asia, particularly Pakistan, is here to assist you in securing the most qualified candidates for your job openings.
With our 5 overseas recruitment offices in India, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka having a team of experienced recruiters, we provide exceptional service to meet your hiring needs.

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If you frequently hire, managing job postings, conducting interviews, and verifying information can be time-consuming. Our global presence in Asia & extensive pool of talented candidates enable us to provide fast hiring solutions, ensuring your positions are filled quickly & efficiently. Iqbal Manpower is a best Recruitment Services Agency.

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Screening candidates can be burdensome, but Iqbal Manpower can alleviate this task, allowing you to focus on selecting the best individuals.


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Iqbal Manpower has been the trusted recruitment partner for over 500 leading global companies, providing tailored talent solutions to meet their specific needs.

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