The month of Hajj is around the corner, and so is the hustle and bustle of people planning for the holy trip. The journey of Hajj is a holy trip for Muslims, and it involves multiple emotions where sentiments are above all. For this beautiful journey, Muslims are ready to leave their homes and sacrifice their money to enjoy the religious duty with full zeal and zest. 

However, it is a religious trip compulsory for Muslims with zero financial burden. Muslims from all over the world come and perform this pilgrimage to show their love for the Almighty and resign their sins to start a new life with no burden on their shoulders. With time, the Price of Hajj From Pakistan is a concern for people with no prior experience. The prices keep on changing, and so is the division of the budget. In this regard, this blog is a perfect guide for people planning for Hajj from Pakistan in the coming months. Before you get distracted, or your attention zone comes to an end, let’s get into the financial division of the overall cost.

Budget Guide for Price of Hajj From Pakistan

Looking for a guide to manage your budget for Hajj this year? Don’t panic, take a deep breath and keep reading. 


The first and most important part of Hajj is the flight. For this purpose, you need to separate a significant amount of money. The estimated cost for the flight from Pakistan to Jeddah is around 1,140,000. It can vary from the city you choose or the flight duration you choose. For long flights, the cost is a bit high, whereas for normal duration, the cost is around this number.

Moreover, when it comes to budget for flights, the number can vary, and it depends upon the following factors

  • Number of people
  • Duration of flight
  • Traveling agency you choose
  • Mode of flight 

All these factors significantly affect the flight cost, and you can discuss these factors with the agent beforehand to avoid any uncertain events.

Stay Cost

The second and one of the major parts of Hajj is the stay. It is the hotel you choose for your stay or the place where you live to decide during your 30-day trip to Holy Kaaba. Like the price of the flight, it depends upon several factors, and can vary from place to place or the staying partner you choose.

However, when it comes to staying, there are three options. One of them is the luxury stay, one is the normal one, and the third is the low-key one. The facilities of each one of them depend on the package you choose, and this is where you have to play smart. If you can afford a luxury stay, select the one that offers your desired requirements.

However, if you choose to live in a normal place, find the one that offers maximum facilities within your allocated budget.


When you are going for Hajj, one thing that you constantly need to keep in mind is to separate a budget for all your food items. If you do not want to be distracted while performing hajj, you need to plan everything.

When you get there, you understand, it is slightly more expensive than you would have thought. If you are mindful enough, you will set out a budget for food separately even before you start traveling.

When you make a cost division, it saves you from so much hassle while traveling. You will not need to open your calculator to see if you have crossed the limit of expenditures or not. It will save you not only your money but will also help you focus on your Hajj better.


Going for Hajj and coming without souvenirs is strange. Every Muslim who desires Hajj, comes back with souvenirs for their family members and friends they left behind. In this case, it is smart to allocate a separate chunk of your money to buy dates and other Hajj souvenirs for your peers and family members. 

So, shopping is one of the essentials, and you must add it to your list. Keep it minimal, but let it be there to give back to your loved ones after coming from a holy trip along with prayers.

Bottom Line

Cost division always comes with some good and bad announcements. Somewhere it gives you relaxation, and here it is just another financial burden.  However, when it comes to Hajj, Muslims keep their limits open to enjoy a stress-free trip without incurring financial hardships. If you are planning for Hajj, you should know that the prices keep changing. They vary and are affected by multiple factors like flight booking, your stay, and the food choices you make.  To be smart, or to stay ahead of the curve, contact Iqbalmanpower for true guidance on this matter. They are a well-reputed platform that helps understand the cost division and Price Of Hajj From Pakistan.

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