Iqbal Group

Pakistani Workers Registered For Overseas Employment

       *Source: Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment, Pakistan. During The Period 1971-2016 (upto November)

Skill Wise Manpower Sent Abroad Through Pakistan & Specifically from Iqbal Manpower Consultants


  •   Highly qualified includes doctors, dentist, engineer, teacher, accountant and manager.
  •   Highly skilled includes nurse, foreman/supervisor, technician, operator, surveyor, carpenter, computer programmer /analyst designer, pharmacist, rigger, draftsman, photographer and artist.
  •   Skilled includes welder, secretary/stenographer, storekeeper, clerk/typist, mason, carpenter, electrician, plumber, steel fixer, painter, mechanic, cable jointer, driver, tailor, fitter, denter, goldsmith, blacksmith, salesperson.
  •   Semi-skilled includes cook and waiter.
  •   Unskilled includes agriculturist, laborer and farmer